Komplete Wash All-in-one Premium Laundry Detergent - 15 Sachets

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Hi, I'm Komplete Wash. I'm a concentrated laundry detergent gel. But I'm not like any other detergents. I'm here to make your laundry process easier, better and more affordable.
I'm safe for you and your family as I do not contain caustic soda or any harsh ingredients. I don't cause any allergies or skin rashes and protect your clothes from damage over time.
Use me for white, dark and colored clothes in automatic and semi-automatic washing machines. I clean without foam so I don't flood or damage your washing machine.
I also smell like freshness and can treat your stains.If you have a heavy stain just pre-treat it with me before washing.I'm dosed for a wash load of 8 kg. If your washing machine is 8 kg or less, use one sachet, if your washing machine is 9 kg or more, use two sachets.
I am also compact, so I don't take a lot of space and you can carry me anywhere.Lastly but not least, I'm proudly made in Egypt with European high quality ingredients and can't wait for you to try me.


Use one Komplete Wash sachet per wash.  
1. Tear the sachet
2. Add gel to a detergent drawer
3. No other additives needed.
4. Happy laundry day!

 Contains 1 box of 15 sachets for 15 wash loads.

  • Komplete Wash is a professional liquid laundry-detergent that’s been specifically optimized for home use to leave your clothes looking spotless and smelling fresh, even after drying. 
  • Our formulation dissolves at all temperatures and works perfectly with white and coloured fabrics
  • Komplete Wash removes the toughest stains – effectively.
  • Suitable for use in hard or soft water areas.
  • Incredible long-lasting fragrance that will linger even when your laundry is dried.
  • 3X your regular detergent 
  • Easy to use: one sachet per one wash load up to 8 kg. 
  • Compact: does not take up much space in your laundry room.
  • Convenient: easy to carry - light weight