Mumerz Story

Now you are a mum, your life is baby centered; we see thoroughly how you are always searching day and night for every “teeny tiny” detail regarding your child, and Mumerz stepped in and help. Examining in-depth and focus what mums are talking about, searching for, wish to have, with head to heart just as if you examine your child’s peaceful face while sleeping! We stepped in your shoes and thought of Mumerz, as the largest online shop for every substantial and minimal product targeted for mothers, babies, and children in Egypt with an emotional understanding of mothers’ EXACT needs and coherent consideration to meet their expectations. In 2021, Mumerz started its business aiming to provide you with a wholesome shopping experience where you can find the crème de la crème authentic products and brands from your couch and deliver them to your doorstep and a community, where you will be carefully listened to and heart-to heart served.

Our Philosophy

At Mumerz we are driven by motherhood intuition, a mum knows BEST what her baby needs and this is our goal to always know your EXACT needs and fulfill them with love and care. We know fully that you may sacrifice your comfort, time and even sleeping hours to stay by your baby’s side, you do that and Mumerz is ALWAYS by your side as we guarantee you will not have to compromise ANYMORE to find a value for money products, fast and reliable delivery service and a prompt after-sale personal care.

We are determined to:

  • Present a full range of products and brands for mothers and children.
  • Offer you a satisfying shopping experience.
  • Empower mums with content and tips regarding their motherhood journey.