Clementoni Sleepy Moon Rattle
Clementoni Sleepy Moon Rattle
Clementoni Sleepy Moon Rattle

Clementoni Sleepy Moon Rattle

Brand: Clementoni
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This is a complete range of products aimed at a child’s first months of life, to support them and sustain them through the growing process. Soft and colourful toys which are perfect for stimulating Visual perception. and manual dexterity in our youngest children, with lots of sounds and little songs to help them develop their aural perception. The tender moon-shaped music box and the soft star accompany the child at bedtime to arouse lots of sweet dreams filled with tenderness. When the star-shaped handle is pulled, the music box plays a Mozart's sweet melody while the slow rotation of the illustrated disc favours the child’s relaxation. Thanks to the cloud-shaped ring, the music box can be easily hung and carried around.

Features: Visual perception. Hearing perception. Tactile perception. Eye-hand coordination. Recommended Age: 0 month and above Number of Pieces: 1 Weight: 0.3 kg Dimensions: 20.2 x 5.6 x 29.7 cm