10 Pieces 3D Brick Wall Paper Stickers | 77X70 Cm | White

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✔【Waterproof + Wipeable, Always New】Water will not be absorbed by Nisorpa 3D tile wall stickers, avoiding peeling or yellowing due to moisture. As long as you gently wipe the surface of the wall stickers with a wet tissue, you can wipe off the traces of paint, oil pastels, or markers, so no stain will be worried about. Easy cleaning and the wall is always new.
✔【High-quality XPE Foam】Nisorpa wallpaper 70x77CM(W*H) are made of 5mm thick PE Foam, 3D Brick Wallpaper use environmentally friendly XPE material, soft and anti-collision. The panels are light, waterproof wipeable and shock absorbing. Back glue: hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, no formaldehyde involved, and does not contain heavy metals and formamide. Tasteless and non-toxic are baby-friendly and families-friendly.
✔【Beautiful and Practical】Thickness: 5mm, It looks like real bricks, which can satisfy the vision without appearing too heavy (fake) or leads to an increased sense of space oppression. These soft soundproof wallpapers are suitable for the baby's playing area, playing the role of anti-collision, providing a safe and comfortable space for you and your baby.
✔【Easy Tear, Easy Paste】The wall stickers have extremely high adhesion, no need to worry about falling. We choose excellent quality adhesive paper, which can be easily torn off smoothly without making your hands full of glue. However, we still recommend that you clean the original wall before pasting the wallpaper. A smooth and flat wall can strengthen the adhesion with the 3D wall panels and extend the use time.
✔【Freely DIY】77x70 cm(10pcs), you can DIY the foam wallpaper stickers shape according to your design inspiration and home decoration style, and install in your featured walls, TV walls, sofa background, living room walls, bedroom walls, kitchen, kids room, and stairs, or cover the Dirty walls, painted surfaces, etc.