Spectra PPSU Bottle - 160 ml
Spectra PPSU Bottle - 160 ml

Spectra PPSU Bottle - 160 ml

Brand: Spectra
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Spectra PPSU Bottle is a milk bottle made of durable polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). Durable and environmentally friendly, this bottle is great for milk feeding, PPSU Milk Bottles are compatible with all Spectra breast shields, making it easy to pump, store and feed into the same container.


● 3-in-1 milk bottles for pumping, storing and feeding.

● Designed from safe hospital-grade material to protect the baby’s health.

● Easy to grip, fill, and feed.

● Leak-proof lid to prevent spillage during storage and travel.

● BPA-Free milk bottles to preserve the natural benefits of breast milk.

● Easy to clean and sterilize.

● Fully compatible with Spectra Electric Breast Pumps for instant pumping and storage.

● Accessories are available: Spectra 360 Brush Set, Spectra Teat Soft Silicone, Spectra Weight Straw Set, Spectra Baby Bottle Handle, Spectra Baby Bottle Airtight Cap.

● Embossed measurements ensure they don’t wash off.

● Suitable for fridge or freezer.

● Convenient, practical expressing without wastage – express into the bottle, store, and then use to feed.

● Recommended Age: From birth and above.

● Size: 160 ml

● Number of Pieces: 1

● Color: Multicolor