Sanosan Kids Shmpoo & Shower Banana (SLS Free) | 200 ML

Brand: Sanosan
Type: Bath
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Fun and quality with sanosan shower and shampoo banana. Kids and mums love it. Children love our cool rabbit sani and the fruity banana fragrance. Mums love the rich care formula with organic olive extract, milk protein and especially mild cleansing substances that protect children delicate skin from drying out. Joyful colors, a cool design and mild formulations mums can rely on. Natural milk protein is the particularly skin-caring ingredient in sanosan kids formulas. It acts like a protective layer on your child skin and thereby helps to protect it from environmental influences. It supports the skin natural moisture retention factors and thus saves it from drying out. It supports natural skin protection barrier and keeps the skin soft and supple. Like a soft shell for your children skin: the amino acid chain in milk protein forms a protective layer on the skin; this considerably reduces moisture . It comes in 200 ml bottle.