Mumerz Gift Card

Brand: Mumerz
Type: Gift Card
SKU: MZ-G-100
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LE 100.00

Denominations: EGP 100

EGP 100
EGP 250
EGP 500.00
EGP 750.00
EGP 1,000.00
EGP 2,000.00
EGP 5,000.00

For the gift giver who just can't decide, why not give the perfect present- a Mumerz gift card! Let your family and friends pick out their own perfect goodies, with no fuss and no muss. Be totally unpredictable and delightfully surprising with every gift-giving occasion. Short on time? This is the perfect card for you!

This Mumerz Gift Card can only be used to purchase eligible goods and services available on for Birthday's, Mothers day, Baby Shower and much more..

Once you purchase your gift card we will send you a gift card code on your email so that you can gift it to your loved ones, they just need to add the gift card code in checkout and the money will be automatically deducted from the total amount.

Available in 100 EGP, 250 EGP, 500 EGP, 750 EGP, 1000 EGP, 2500 EGP AND 5000 EGP


** Gift Card must be purchased in advance only by online payments