Hygiene Baby Water Wipes with Kiwi - 60 Pieces
Hygiene Baby Water Wipes with Kiwi - 60 Pieces

Hygiene Baby Water Wipes with Kiwi - 60 Pieces

Brand: Hygiene
Type: Wipes
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Make diaper changes comfortable for your little one with the Hygiene Baby 60-Pieces Water Wipes. Each wipe is designed to feel gentle on your baby's sensitive skin. The Hygiene baby wipes feature a pH level of 5.5 to ensure optimum moisture retention. These wipes are dermatologically tested to ensure maximum skin compatibility with various skin types. The travel-friendly packing with a flip-top design enables convenient storage and portability.

  • The Hygiene baby wipes are alcohol-free to prevent a burning sensation.
  • Each baby wipe features soft fibers and contains up to 99.9% water to glide smoothly over your baby's skin.
  • The pH 5.5 rating ensures that the wipes prevent drying out your baby's skin and provide optimal moisture retention.
  • The wipes are packaged with a flip-top design that can be closed to prevent them from drying out.
  • These moisturizing wipes are perfect for cleaning your baby's delicate skin during frequent nappy changes.
  • Recommended Age: from birth and above
  • Number of Pieces: 60