Bingo Pop it Angary Bird - Yellow

Bingo Pop it Angary Bird - Yellow

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The simplest method for relieving stress is through stress relief. has two possible game modes. You can press and pop the spinners' silicone bubble to reduce your stress. Additionally, long periods of spinning time might reduce your anxiousness. The ideal fidget toy for people with autism, ADHD, and anxiety. Simple to carry: You could fit it in your pocket. can be played anywhere, at any time, For light entertainment. Advanced bearings: The fidget toy may last a long time when gently flicked, and the revolving bearing will not produce any noise. It features a lovely plastic frame with silicone "bubbles" on it that can be popped forward and backward. It's impossible to resist the simple thrill! Pop fidget toys are constructed of "Food Grade" silicone and high-quality plastic. Safe and Premium material. Smooth rubber surface with soft rubber pop buttons that are reusable, strong, and difficult to destroy. Both adults and children can use it safely. the focus of kids, mental development, and finger flexibility training. Playing with these toys is an enjoyable method to maintain mental attention and foster creativity. ‎ ‎


• When you squeeze the bubbles, you'll hear a faint popping sound.
• Turn it over and start over! bringing you double happiness.
• It allows kids to strengthen their fingers' flexibility and balance.
• It is safe, non-toxic, long-lasting, flexible, tear-resistant, and colourful.
• They are manufactured of high-quality ABS and Silicone.

• Recommended Age: 3 Years and above
• Color: Yellow
• Shape: Angry Bird

• Not for children under 3 years.
• Used under parents' supervision.