Alpecin Caffeine Hybrid Shampoo - 250 ml

Alpecin Caffeine Hybrid Shampoo - 250 ml

Brand: Alpecin
Type: Hair Care
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More than one in four men suffers from a sensitive scalp. Itching, dryness, redness or feeling of tightness – the scalp reacts particularly sensitively depending on one's personal disposition. The cause can come from an underproduction of the sebaceous glands, which compromises the scalp's natural balance. This results in a dry, sensitive scalp.

  • Hybrid technology: Gentle and powerful.
  • Made in Germany.

Moisture effect:

  • The gentle shampoo formula for dry and itchy scalps moisturizes and soothes the scalps.
    Reduces and prevents dry dandruff.

Fuel effect:

  • The "fuel" in the form of caffeine can still penetrate the hair roots.
    Prevents hereditary hair loss.
  • Without the strong refreshing effect of menthol.


  • Caffeine activates the hair roots, prolongs the growth phase, and improves hair growth.
  • Zinc and niacin are important growth factors for healthy hair roots.