Waritex Massage Body Mitt
Waritex Massage Body Mitt

Waritex Massage Body Mitt

Brand: Waritex
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Waritex Loofah helps tune up your skin, remove accumulated grease and oil, eliminate dry flaky skin, and open the pores leading to better oxygenated skin.
Besides, massaging your body using this product helps Cellulite Prevention.

  • This loofah is distinguished by having two usable sides.
    - A face made of soft fibers for sensitive skin.
    - The better-better-oxygenated reinforced are with fine threads to increase the strength of the massage and stimulate blood circulation.
  • The fabric of both sides is manufactured in a unique way to avoid continuous pressure or continuous relief on the user’s body (pressure and relief at the same time for easy blood flow and flow throughout the body) unlike other massage tools.
  • Reinforced from the inside with two layers of high-density sponge in both directions to feel comfortable and maintain the foam and to dry faster after use.
  • Made in the form of a glove for easy control.
  • The sponge is covered with an inner layer of woven fabric to protect the user's hands and nails.
  • It has a place for easy hanging after use for quick drying.
  • Number of pieces: 1 Loofah
  • Recommended age: Mumz