Rossmax Nebulizer Kit 3 In 1 - Nk 1000

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Rossmax Nebulizer Kit 3 In 1 - Nk 1000

1 / Respiratory nebulizer
Material ≤ 2.5 microns. Fine particle dosage: 80-85%

Patented Adjustable Nebulizer Bottle Valve (VAT)

Low noise with silencer and vibration absorption design

High nebulization rate/full opening for high viscosity medications and high user breathing ability while low flow rate with close valve will be more suitable for children/infants with low breathing ability. Thanks to the reduction of wasted medication, it is also recommended for respiratory disorders such as chronic bronchial obstruction and asthma as well as intensive use in general.

2 / Nasal irrigation device

The washing solution rushes and fills all the nasal cavities and pharynx until it cleans the area of ​​secretions, which include both mucous secretions and harmful allergy-causing substances adhered to the inner nasal cavity.

The nasal irrigation device sprays 10 ml of solution within two minutes.

Silicone nose connectors provide the user with comfort, soft touch and a reliable fit

Made of non-allergenic, elastic, and BPA-free biomaterials

Available in three sizes suitable for all group devices

Liquid capacity in the device: 20 ml maximum

3 / A device for withdrawing fluids from the nose

This device suctions and removes mucus to relieve nasal congestion, reduce the chances of respiratory infections, and helps your child breathe easily and comfortably.

Thanks to the Dual pump design, nebulization and suction pump, provides the maximum hygiene to avoid cross infection.

Selectable suction level

Ergonomic design to ensure smooth operation

Maximum suction per pump: 450mmHg.

Maximum air flow per pump > 5l/min