Kinderkraft Baby Playmat SMART PLAY

Brand: Kinderkraft
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  • The set includes 7 toys of various cognitive and aesthetic values: mirrors, rustling book, 2 chews, rattle, squeaking tiger and ringing elephant
  • The mat features spots to attach toys depending on the child's age and liking
  • Comfortable cushion for comfort for the child
  • Toy bows with a universal connector, so you can arrange them any way you like
  • Unique design − black and white details stimulate the child's senses from the first days
  • The set includes 20 balls in 4 colours
  • 6 colourful walls with different stories − With the playpen function the sides can be raised and fastened together, which further encourages the baby to lift his/her head, neck and strengthens the muscles of his/her back and provides security.
  • Moving on the tummy, the baby always faces a different animal.
  • Additionally prevents balls from falling out while playing
  • Stimulates the sense of touch,
  • It is easy to fold up and transport
  • Product tested and approved according to European safety standards EN 71-1.
  • Dimensions 96x102.5x57cm
  • For children of old age 0+"