Custom LUCID USB Charging Multifunctional Waterproof Backpack Diaper Bag for Baby

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– The best original, luxurious maternal supplies bag ever, with Italian design, the latest version of the international brand Lucid.

– A soft, waterproof bag.
– (Equipped with airbags in the back to prevent the feeling of heat and sweating when worn for long periods, and it is very light and hygienically designed for the mother’s comfort).
– (It is equipped with legs at the bottom of the bag to ensure that the bottom of the bag does not get dirty or wear out, and to ensure a longer life.)
– (It is equipped with a plastic base on the inside to ensure that the bag expands completely).
– Equipped with a changing mat for easy movement with the baby.
– It is equipped with an external thermal box to ensure that the baby’s meal is preserved in its best condition.
– It is equipped with a laser marked zipper with Lucid on it in an elegant and new way to ensure non-imitation.
– It is equipped with two hooks with two straps to carry the bag on the baby stroller with ease.
– Equipped with a very special key chain.
– It is equipped with a USB connector to charge the mobile phone easily. It can be easily removed when washing the USB bag.
– It is equipped with 3 internal thermal pockets to store baby bottles and maintain their temperature.
– Equipped with a back pocket for easy access to the bottom of the bag without the need to empty the contents of the bag.
– Equipped with a side pocket for tissues.
– Equipped with a back pocket to place a mobile phone.
– It is equipped with an internal pocket and waterproof tarpaulin for dirty clothes, in addition to pampers, so that it is separated from the rest of the belongings.
– The best of all in terms of silver zippers that are not coated and are not subject to color change at all.
– The bag can be carried on the back, it can be carried in the hand, or it can be hung on the baby’s stroller.
– You can wash the bag comfortably in the washing machine at any time without worrying about it.
– The handle of the bag is lined with fiber so that it is comfortable while carrying on the back.
The bag has about 7 pockets, which are divided in a very organized manner for easy handling.

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