Bestway Bazen Fill N Fun Pool 1.83M X H38Cm ,  72X15 Inch

Bestway Bazen Fill N Fun Pool 1.83M X H38Cm , 72X15 Inch

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The Bestway Bazen Fill N Fun Pool 1.83m x H38cm, 72x15 Inch - No:55030 is the perfect choice for any family looking to have some fun in the sun. This pool is made of high quality, rigid, heavy-duty PVC sidewalls and a sturdy vinyl bottom. The sidewalls are decorated with a cool and colorful underwater scene, perfect for kids to splash and play in. This pool has a designed water capacity of 946L (250gal) and includes a repair patch in case of any minor accidents. The pool measures 183 x 38 cm, giving plenty of room to have fun. The Bestway Bazen Fill N Fun Pool is the perfect way to get kids moving, playing, and enjoying the outdoors!

  • Bazen Fill N Fun Pool 1.83m x H38cm Inch - No:55030
  • Made in China
  • Made of high quality 
  • Bestway® Odyssey Fill 'N Fun Kiddie Pool 1.83 m x 38 cm;
  • Designed to get kids moving, playing and out of the house, the Fill-n-Fun Pool is quality-tested and puts the focus back on fun! This 1.83cm x Н38cm (72” x Н15”) pool is great for kids to splash and play in and the outer walls are decorated in a cool, colorful underwater scene! The rigid heavy-duty PVC sidewalls permanently attach to the sturdy vinyl bottom. Splashing in the sun has never been more fun than with the Fill-n-Fun Pool by Bestway®.
  • Product Features
  • Rigid heavy-duty transparent PVC sidewall permanently attached sturdy vinyl bottom
  • Repair patch included
  • Product Specifications
  • Size: 6' x H15"/1.83m x H38cm
  • Designed water capacity: 946 L (250 gal.)
  • Contents: One pool, repair patch
  • Garden Bestway Garden Basin - is a classic garden pool made of strong vinyl material, which expands while filling with water. The walls of the pool are transparent and bear lovely marine graphics, thanks to which they will probably be appreciated by not one fan of these creatures.
  • Technical data:
  • - 183 x 38 cm
  • - pool capacity 946 l
  • - strong PVC material
  • - colorful graphics
  • - repair patch

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