Super Mom Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleanser Liquid-500ML

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·         Super Mom Liquid Cleanser for multi-use and specially formulated to clean residue from milk film, odor, fat, protein and carbohydrate residue, and more broadly when cleaning the whole family dishes.

·         Effectively cleans bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, breast pump components, washable toys, and your whole family dishes.





·         Pure ingredients without harsh chemicals, color additives, parabens, sulfates.

·         Fragrance free.

·         Gentle and mild on skin.

·         Comes with a convenient pump top dispenser for clean and easy use.

·         Size: 500 ml



How to Use:


·         Add Suitable measure of cleanser in water, immerse the accessories into solution, use the brush to clean the feeding bottles & teats, rinse well with water / Or squeeze one measure into the bottle or desired object, using a bottle brush wash gently thoroughly in water & rinse thoroughly using clean water.

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Mona ali
حجم و جودة عالية

البوتل كبيرة جدا .. تكفي استخدام كتير
و عجبني انها ب بامب لان بالنسبالي ده عملي اكتر كتير
و اتفاجئت بالريحة بتاعة اللبن اللي اختفت خالص و التنقيط اللي كان بيبقى عالببرونة اختفى
بينضف جدا
انصح بيه يا ماميز

Marwa Abdeltawab

يزيل رواسب اللبن بدون ترك رائحه..جميل