Super Kids Nutritive Hair Spray - 120ml

Super Kids Nutritive Hair Spray - 120ml

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We know that you pay attention to every detail. And that is why we helped you taking more care for your kid! This Spray nourishes the hair, helps in volumizing and eliminating hair fall, works as an oil replacement, strengthens the hair follicles. How to use: Use on scalp, with 6 sprays at a time everyday.


• Nourishes the hair.

• Helps in volumizing and eliminating hair fall.

• Works as an oil replacement.

• Strengthens the hair follicles.

• Recommended Age: 2 Years and above

• Size: 120ml

The Super Kids Nutritive Hair Aerosol Spray is ideal to use with thin hair. This aerosol spray can help to nourish hair and decrease hair fall. It is formulated to strengthen hair follicles that surround the roots and strands thoroughly. The bottle has 120ml aerosol content to ensure prolonged usage.

Effective Formulation

The Super Kids Aerosol Spray is infused with rosemary extract and rice bran water to promote hair growth. This spray is free from alcohol, paraben, and phthalate to offer secure usage.

Provides Ample Care

The Super Kids Hair Spray can provide the required nutrition to your scalp. This spray aids in making the structure of your hair better and reducing hair fall.