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Sonai Deep Fryer, 2000 Watt, 4L

Sonai Deep Fryer 2000 Watt 4L

Brand: Sonai
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Sonai Deep Fryer, 2000 Watt, 4L

You can now enjoy your favorite fried foods at home with the Sonai SH-811 Silver 4 Liter Deep Fryer. The fryer comes with a removable stainless steel colander that makes removing easy. It features an insulated black handle that keeps the user safe from any accidental burns during frying. The basket features adequate space for bulk frying and comfortably accommodates large pieces of fish or chicken.

Allows Convenient Use

The Sonai deep fryer features indicator lights and an adjustable thermostat so that you can quickly gauge when your oil is ready. The filter cover serves as a splash shield while you lower the food into the hot oil.

Ensures Safety and Reliability

The Sonai SH-811 deep fryer features a removable basket and housing for easy maintenance. It features built-in overheat protection that is auto-activated, and the power is cut off if the machine has been in use for a long time.