Sofy Maxi Lump Ex-Long | 14 Pad

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 Keep yourself comfortable and dry at all times with the Sofy Sanitary Pads. Made from soft fabric, it ensures a smooth feel without causing any skin irritation. The sanitary pads ensure an optimum level of absorbency, preventing accidental leaks. They efficiently absorb, thus preventing any kind of mishaps. Also, these sanitary pads are easy to wear and fit perfectly without any hassle. They maintain the level of hygiene for its wearers, thereby keeping infections away.


  • 2 Deep barriers surround the pad to prevent leakage from all sides.
  • Absorb without lumping to protect you during active movement.
  • Soft top sheet to prevent any skin rash or irritation even with movement and long hours usage
  • Number of pieces: 14 pad per pack
  • Recommended age: Mumz