Lulu's Loo Story, 0-2 Years - 16 Pages

Lulu's Loo Story, 0-2 Years - 16 Pages

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Lulu does potty-training! Join in with Lulu's toilet adventures as she learns how to use potties and proper loos. Lulu is given a special present by Mummy - her very own potty. Lulu does her first wee-wee in the potty. Soon she's sitting on her potty everywhere - in the kitchen, in her bedroom, in the playroom, even in the garden! Then Lulu graduates from wearing nappies to wearing big girl knickers and using the big toilet, with a few tiny accidents along the way



● It introduces your child to many useful values ​​through an interesting book.

● Reading and stories provide an enjoyable and useful time between mother and child.

● A chance to bond with your child and spend some quality time.

● Help the child recognize more words.

● It is an important step on the way to teaching your child to read and creating beneficial habits that will benefit him for the rest of his life.

● Recommended Age:0 to 2 Years

● Number of Pieces: 1

● Weight: 285 g

● Material: Paperback

● Language: English

● Number of Pages: 16 pages

● Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC - Bloomsbury Children's Books

● Publication Date: 10 Jun 2010

● Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 18mm