KS Games Who Am I ?

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KS Games Who Am I ?

48 character cards are shuffled and 1 is given to each player.

Players attach the character card to their headbands without looking at the picture on the back.

The youngest player starts the game, then the game continues from left to right.

The next player takes the marker pen and asks a chosen player a yes/no question, such as "Am I human?", "Do I have a tail?" to guess the character at the head.

According to the answer he receives, he marks the characters that do not fit his question and starts to reduce the options.

The game continues in this way.

The player who finds the leading character the fastest wins that round.

Age Range: 5 years and above

Number of Players: 2-4 Players

Box contents

48 Character Cards

4 Headbands

2 Hint Cards

4 Play Mats

1 Marker Pen

1 Game Guide