KS Games Trinkets Board Game

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KS Games Trinkets Board Game

Be the first to match the picture cards on the Trinkets game board where you can question your attention and reflexes, press the bell and win!

How to play?

Give each player 3 checkers of the same color and choose a game leader. Decide which of the three different game versions you will play in Trinkets and let the fun begin!

A version: in this version, the game leader can also play. The leader deals each player 3 picture cards face down. The youngest player presses the bell and the game begins.

Players look at the cards in their hands at the same time and try to find their partner on the game board.

When they find it, they must cover it with their own color scales. The first player to have all three picture cards matched rings the bell.

The game stops and the other players stop matching the pictures.

After checking the correctness of the matched pictures, the players put the picture cards they matched in front of them and the ones they could not match put back into the bag. The picture cards in the bag are shuffled and the colored checkers are removed from the playing field and returned to their owners.

Box size: 37 x 6.5 x 27.5 cm