Komplete Mist 500 ml - Fabric & Upholstery Freshener

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Infuse your fabric & upholstery with the delicate aroma of our floral mist. Gently freshen up your laundry, delicates, towels, fabrics, beddings, car upholstery, or furniture with the delightful scent of fresh blossoms.

Our Fabric & Upholstery Mist is suitable for all types of fabrics. Simply spray it directly onto your wet laundry or dry textiles, such as clothes, curtains, cushions or bedding, or spray items for a quick freshen up in between washes. Or complete your steaming with a couple of sprays, to enhance that fresh feeling. Can be safely sprayed onto your laundry, bed, sheets, pillows, blankets & throws, linens, kitchen textiles, towels, clothing, furniture, table linen, yoga mats, car upholstery, curtains, mattresses, and rugs.


1.Shake well before use

2.Hold the bottle upright

3.Turn the spray cap ON and spray

4.Spray directly onto your clothes or home textiles and let the mist air-dry. 5.Turn the spray cap OFF after use and keep it upright


•Quickly freshens up your clothes and home textiles

•Fragrance booster

•Reduces static electricity

•Suitable for all fabrics and textiles

•Zero harsh chemicals

•Aids fabric preservation


•American formula, European high-quality ingredients

•Made in Egypt

 Our concentrated formula made with premium European high-quality ingredients  allows the scent to remain longer on your fabrics & textiles. The scent will last longer onto fabrics with thicker weave.

 Our fragrance

Our signature blend consists of a complex multifloral notes & includes refreshing Lily of the Valley – sweet, spring-like scent, sweet Violet and a delicate Geranium – the rosy smell with green notes.

Contains 1 bottle of 500 ml.